Things you didn’t know about EYFS Nurseries

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There is almost everything in the world which has its merits and demerits. But you won’t believe is that schooling or pre-schooling has its demerits as well. Yes, you can read that again, there are people in world who don’t believe in sending schools to their children and they give them home schooling. Home schooling can be as difficult as a regular school, depending upon the parents and their way of teaching. But this tradition is getting close to end while there are a lot of good changes in the schooling system as there was in the past decades. Now schools are giving more focus on the students self learning as compared to the traditional learning. There are different kinds of subjects as there were back before (basic subjects.). There is less pressure of grades but more focus on skills now.

The EYFS system has introduced a whole new level of learning and it is a kind of pre-school where kids learn some of the most basic things of children of 1 to 5 ages. And believe it or not there are demerits of it to even there are many benefits. The main advantage is early learning, children at the age of 4 to 5 are sent to martial arts school in China at all costs, there are even some free EYFS in China which give free martial arts training and you can see for yourself, the most famous Hollywood movies have Chinese actors. Teachers get to learn different kinds of learning and they are registered at the Early Childhood Educators also known as the RECE. EYFS makes the children get used to become early risers, which will be beneficial for them in the elementary schools. According to different school records, most children don’t go to school because they are not able to wake early and even if some do they sleep during a class.

While there are many benefits there are some concerns as well like; since the children are too small teachers sometimes fail to give proper and equal attention to each student. Due to this reason, most children get hurt badly, and getting hurt badly at this age may cause prolong side effects and which is why most people don’t recommend EYFS.

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