Disadvantages of Getting Botox

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The original name of Botox is Botulinum toxin. This is a kind of agent that occurs in a human body which causes food poising called the botulism. Although, it has many different disadvantages but the main advantages in this agent is the neurotoxin which is found within the Botox which is referred to Botulinum. This is a chemical that blocks out the signals by the brain giving to the muscles which cause contraction. In simpler words, this is a chemical which prevents your skin to age but for a specific period of time. For some people it works for years, but the duration mostly depends on the brain only.

There are many advantages of getting a Botox, you can look younger and you can lift your face which will give a fresh look but since all this is not natural and nature has its ways of coming back. Which means that this a temporary luxury, if you have gotten a Botox that says that it will last for 2 years and what happens is that the wrinkles and the aging lines again start to show up after a year. And since it is expensive a lot, so, consider that your money is all wasted. And the times that you had to take so many trips to the laser clinic, all gone to dust.

Even though there had been many progresses in the field of medicine but still there have been many cases reported in the hospitals, where people have been complaining about different allergic reactions that have been occurred right after they got the laser therapy. Although, the allergies are treatable but still people have been facing this a lot. There are also cases, where the patient has gotten skin burns and some permanent marks left on the area of the therapy. It also has some disadvantages that can lead to permanent damages, like; there are people who have reported that left their face muscle paralyzed for life. And there is no cure or no way of reversing it back. To get the Botox, you have to maintain a Botox as well, by taking care of your skin and have different medicines. But if you want minimum damage, it is recommended that you get the best Botox in Dubai and there they have the best PRP treatment in Dubai too.