History of Safes and Lockers

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Since ages human beings have been protecting their belongings from fire and being stolen. The Persians and buried their jewelry in the graves of emperors and Egyptians have buried their scrolls in he pyramids. These scrolls have wisdom, wars stories, construction blueprints, maps of treasures and many other philosophies. United States have locked their declaration of independence in a very safe place where no one knows. Since then, the companies have been working in making the safes safe. There are safes which auctioned for millions of dollars each year and collectors from all over the world buy them. Not only to keep their things safe but also to keep it as a decoration or an artifact.

Some people also kept snakes near their safe in the 15th century. But people turned their talents into developments and in the 18th century people modified these safes by making them from stones, wood, plaster, brick, cement, mica, asbestos, chalk, alum and clay. These are the materials which don’t even let the air inside. Because most people put their documents in safes and most documents had paper which got weak and the writing blurred when they were exposed to air. As compared to now, paper material then was not very reliable or long-lasting. The first standardized safes and lockers were made in the 19th century which were put to test and the one who qualified from heat, cold and dry temperature were said to be the best.

The best safes are said to be in Fort Knox in the United States where all the gold bullion and money plates are kept safe. Even the blueprints of those safes are made public for people to see and recommend if there are any loop holes in the system. As of now, there are no such recommendations because the security of it is known as the state of the art. Fort Knox also invites tourists and visitors to see the working for their security and management of the safe. And unknown people to the world are allowed to enter in it.

People also try to get in the safes and escape it. It is done as a stunt and a way to show in and out of the safe. This is also promoted by different companies who challenge that their safes are the best. But we all know nothing is perfect and there is always a way in and an easy way out. From small fireproof safe to luxury home safes, there are many companies who provide the best services.