The things students want in their schools

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Remember, children are avid learner always. The problem is in schools’ environment. They do not accept their creative mindsets and turn them into robots by making them to sit at one place and memorize whatever is written on boards and book instead of taking them in grounds and teach them everything via experience and practical. That’s the reason why our students run away from schools and colleges and find universities stressful. Although, blackboards and books are necessary, it is also necessary to add some colors to make studies interesting and fun to learn because fun makes learning interesting and when learning becomes interesting students or children turn into avid readers and learners.

Students love to do many things because of their keen interest in learning. Some of the activities for which they are passionate are:

1) Writing: Writing stories and poems are favorite of many students. After all, empty papers and diaries provide them gateway to flush out everything which is dancing in their minds. It help them practice their creativity and writing skills that result in betterment in vocabulary and word usage beside grammar and sentence structure. Schools can introduce writing classes by inviting writers and organizing writing competitions to motivate others to write and polish their skills. 

2) Dancing: Humans have instinct to move. That’s the reason why there is dance, race and pole vault. Many of children and youngsters dance to have fun and somehow it is healthy because it is not less than an exercise. It makes bones and muscles strong. It increases blood supply’s speed. Moreover, it has positive impact on psychological and mental health because it increases the production of happy hormones that effects logical and emotional sites of the brain. To introduce dance and ballet, schools can contact a Dubai entertainment agency or any dance school to get dancers and trainers for cheap.

3) Singing:  That’s what the most interesting activity for students. Ach group has at least one person who sing songs to entertain others. Thus, to polish and enhance their skills institutes and teachers can organize singing classes in Dubai. It will improve their academics while groom them into better singers. 

So, these are a few activities which students love to do. Besides, they have interest in sports, gymnastics, cooking, baking, gardening and many such activities.