The Top Four Different Types of Vapes

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The Top Four Different Types of Vapes

There are several different types of vape in Dubai. Disposable electronic cigarettes (also called E-cigarettes), Pod systems, Mechanical mods, and Cig-a-likes are a few. To learn more about these products, keep reading. You’ll soon be able to make an informed decision about which one is right for you! Here are the top four different types of vape cigarettes:

Disposable electronic cigarettes:

While you may have heard negative reviews about disposable electronic cigarettes, they are a viable alternative to smoking. A disposable e-cigarette is very similar to a real cigarette, except it does not require charging. The disposable model is ready to go right out of the box. In addition, it costs 76% less than the equivalent amount of regular tobacco. So, you may want to try them out before committing an electronic cigarette.

Pod systems:

Pod systems are a relatively new product category, but they are becoming increasingly popular among e-cigarette users globally. Many well-known manufacturers have entered this market, and several new ones have emerged. This device is very easy to use, boasting a built-in 650 mAh battery and exchangeable evaporator heads that ensure durability and sustainability.

Mechanical mods:

Several types of vapes are available, and one of the most common is a mechanical mod. Mechanical mods are a great choice for those who want the ultimate vaping convenience. They don’t use electronics, regulations, or safety features. As the name suggests, they operate mechanically. A Mechanical mod’s battery housing is typically made of metal and resembles a 18650 battery. They may be slightly larger but still look very similar to the actual battery. Box mods are designed to accommodate more than one 18650 battery.


If you’re switching from cigarettes to vaping, you probably feel nervous about the transition. In addition, vaporizer experts tend to use confusing terminology. Here, we will discuss the basic differences between cig-a-likes and e-cigarettes. The simplest types of cig-a-likes are disposable and refillable. The former is the oldest and most affordable type, and you can still find them in grocery stores and gas stations. Refillable vapes have more features and are designed for public use.

Pod systems with salt nicotine e-liquid:

Pod systems with salt nicotine e-juice come in two major types—open and closed systems. The former uses refillable pod cartridges with a plug that covers the fill port. Users need to fill their pods with salt nicotine e-liquid regularly, and they must also replace their pod cartridges every few weeks as the coil wears down.