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The Causes of Teeth Discoloration

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People who have natural white teeth are blessed because they can eat and drink anything and still have that constant white smile. While there are people who floss and brush regularly and still not have that shine. This can be very irritating and frustrating at the same time. But one needs to understand that why this happens? There are many reasons which why yellowing of teeth can cause, this can cause at early age or at old age. If you were always sick in your childhood and you might have taken a lot of antihistamines or antipsychotics medications and that was the time when your teeth were growing. People who sadly go through chemotherapy also get black teeth and gums with the passage of time. This can cause discoloration or yellow teeth in later age or the growing age. In old age, it is evident that the dentin gets weak and the teeth get sensitive to every food you eat. 

Another reason of discoloration of teeth is trauma. If you have ever got hit on the mouth in a brawl, in such cases the dentin tears down and the tooth becomes sensitive towards different food. Other than these things, people who smoke and drink tea, coffee or red wine on daily basis get the chromogens attached with the outer layer of the teeth. Since you know what should be the reasons of the discoloration of teeth, now you must understand that how does teeth whitening work. There are basically two main procedures; the use of two products in different ways. First is the hydrogen peroxide and second is carbamide peroxide. These two are selected from different kinds of set of teeth. These are actually two different bleaches which breaks the stains in smaller pieces and leverage the whitening of your teeth.

If these chemical bleaches sound dangerous and you are not ready for them, you can ask your dentist to recommend you any stain removal toothpaste and only buy that toothpaste which has a verified seal of American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance for stain removal. People also ask if there are any side effects of teeth whitening, well in the first week, your teeth might be sensitive to cold and hot things but it will go away. 

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