Signs of anxiety and depression

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People are more prone to get anxiety in the twenty first century as compared to ever before. When there is more use of technology, there is definitely going to be a major round of side effects, and one of them is the anxiety which may lead to depression when not treated in the long run. Anxiety should be treated at the very early stage but people often ignore that and think about the symptoms as normal, they do not bother their feelings of sadness and envy but with the passage of time this condition will become worse and difficult to treat. When you realize that you are getting the anxiety attacks then you need to rush to the psychotherapist Dubai to get the treatment at the beginning. There are several psychologists in Dubai that are providing their services to treat people. If you do not know about the symptoms of anxiety and depression then you need to read this:

Solitude: People will start feeling alone and they start liking their solitude. They do not want to mix up with people around then even in their own house they do not want to talk to their parents and siblings. They feel their solitude as a sacred thing which they will not want to break.

Introvert: It is another form of liking your sense of solitude. In this mind of state people will not like to go out and make friends even they do not want to meet with their old friends. If their dear friends will come to see them or try to drag them in their social activities then they will get either very hyper towards them or stay very quiet and do not talk to any one of their friends during the meet up.

Fatigued: They will start feeling tried and fatigued even when they wake up from a whole night’s sleep. They will feel like they were doing hard work and sometimes they even feel the heaviness or short of breath while sitting on their couch. They will think that they are not able to do any physical activity due to the feeling of fatigue. These people have to go to a good psychologist as soon as possible because sooner is better. People around them should help them in various ways to come out of this mind state by keeping their morale up.