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Things to avoid when pregnant

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With the new addition in your life, you will be facing many new things specially in your routine. Even though it is a good habit to keep all your daily chores continued during the day yet there is still something which we would suggest pregnant ladies to avoid and no we are not talking about stopping your maternity clothes online shopping. Just keep on reading to find out what this list consists:

Control on caffeine

This is something that you must have heard a lot about but must be wondering if it is true or not. In all honesty, too much of anything can be dangerous. The same is the case with caffeine which can have some harmful effects on the baby and your health which you don’t want to be happening. One of the major dangers of having too much caffeine is that it can increase the risk of pregnancy loss or low birth weight.

Activities that cause high body temperature

For someone surviving in chilly winters it may seem like a hot tub, hot shower or even a sauna is an amazing idea but unfortunately this is something which experts don’t recommend. Not only this, but they will also ask you to stay away from any such activity which will increase your body temperature because this may lead to hyperthermia.

Contact  sport

Contact sport such as football or boxing is a huge no-no because these are the activities where the risk of injuries is extremely high due to all the bodily changes happening in your body. Contact sport can directly affect your placenta and increase the risk of its disruption which can cause premature birth, pregnancy loss or still birth. It is also a very painful condition which no one would like to go through.

Avoid falls

This is something which most of the women are unaware of and this is the reason that we hear so many horror stories of women falling and losing their baby. Some activities which can include the risks of fall can be skiing, rock climbing or even simply sitting in a ride. The reason behind this is that the belly is expanding which makes the centre of gravity of your body shift. When this happens, even a minor fall can be dangerous. 

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