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Importance of uniform in schools

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There is a lot of discussion happening for decades that either uniform should be necessary in schools or not? Most of the schools in the world have proper uniforms for their students. There are many uniform manufacturers in Dubai who have contracts with different schools and they make similar looking dresses for both girls and boys of all age groups. There are many reasons why uniforms need to be mandatory in schools. A few of them are discussed in the article below:

School uniforms promote equality. It inhibits any racism between the students and when they are present in the school no one among them is rich or poor. All of them are treated equally. It is seen that having uniforms in school decrease bullying to a whole level. When all the students are wearing the same uniform, none of them feels low or high and all of them are considered to be same, whether they belong to a rich or a poor family. Crime rate can also be decreased if all the students wear the same clothes. 

Baggy and clothes with many pockets allow them to hide things in them. If they wear the same uniform, it is easy to track what they are carrying with them. Bringing cell phones and other gadgets to schools, which lead to bad deeds can also be stopped.  If a proper dress code is followed in the school then students can focus better on their studies and they do not look here and there on other people’s clothes. They don’t get impressed by others’ clothes and then concentrated on what they come to school for, studies. 

Whenever a student is wearing his or her uniform he is basically representing his or her institution. So this creates a sense of responsibility among the students and they behave well in order to maintain the reputation of their institution. School uniforms are also easy to wear. You don’t have to think about your outfit a day before or spend more time to put on fitted jeans. A lot of time can be saved by wearing a uniform daily. It also saves a lot of money which you would have to spend on buying various outfits for daily basis. People who can’t afford don’t even have to buy uniforms yearly they can get the shoes fixed by any shoe repair shop and the dress can be used again.