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Facts about Mercedes Benz

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Don’t we all love Mercedes? Everyone is familiar with its tristar logo but very few of us really know the hardcore facts about Mercedes Benz. Here are a few facts about Mercedes Benz which you would love to know about:

  1. Behind every successful man is a woman. Well, behind successful Karl Benz was his wife who funded the modern automobile Mercedes Benz which was first taken on a road trip by Bertha Benz proving to be very safe as it was the first ever car with brakes on all four vehicles.
  2. The Mercedes logo found on the hood of the car is a tristar which represents the dominance of Mercedes Benz over land, air and sea. The logo is very smartly formed.
  3. Mercedes follows one single motto and rule which says ‘best or nothing’. This is the confidence which everyone should have in their inventions. Make something which is best or nothing at all.
  4. Mercedes is named after a woman. (Women rock!) Mercedes was the name of a really beautiful Maria de la Mercedes which was a Spanish title for Virgin Mary that translates into Mary of the Mercies. Her father was later made the member of board of directors and the team chose to continue his name which he had initially chosen.
  5. Do you know why people are so confident about their Mercedes never making any kind of squeaking or rattling sound? This is because Mercedes is wielded in 10,000 different places regardless of its model and make. They make sure that people never face any kind of such high pitched sounds no matter the age of the vehicle.
  6. Mercedes truly makes sure that it takes care of every single part but they also realize the more is not merrier in such cases of engine production and this is the reason that they appoint one highly skilled and qualified professional for to work on the single engine and these technicians are supervised by someone whose sole job is to highlight the mistakes of these technicians.
  7. Not only this but after such high quality engine production the car has to pass through several tests after being assembled to make sure that it is in a running condition and can be called a finished master piece.

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